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High Security Locks

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Mul-T-Lock is the world leading manufacturer of high security locks for Residential and Commercial.

Mul-T-Lock deadbolt and cylinders gives you the simple, smart and cutting edge solution for your security.

From small residential users to large commercial clients and everyone in between Mul-T-Lock gives you maximum security and best key control solutions.

"Real" Do Not Duplicate key system

ordinary keys can be easily copy at any local hardware store or locksmith shop without the owner authorization.

with the Mul-T-Lock high security key systems your key is only your! you have the control of who can and who can not copy your key.

to prevent unauthorized key duplication every key has his own serial code and can be copy only at Authorized Mul-T-Lock dealers.

you must present the matching card in order to get a copy.

Quality and Security at their best

Mul-T-Lock products made with high quality materials and state of the art manufacturing process for Maximum protection against lock picking,lock bumping and lock drilling.

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